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Quantum Healing

 I am using a hypnosis technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis. We take you into the deepest level of trance through visualization, this is a trance that we all experience 2 times a day. Once when we fall asleep and once when we wake up. While in this trace we will journey through important life events, it could be from the present life or a past life or something completely different. We will explore whatever your higher self thinks is the most important information that is needed for this life. After we go through this journey we will get a chance to speak with your higher self, this is the part of yourself that has all the answers about your life. This is also where many people receive instant healing. The biggest thing to know is to trust what you are shown and trust the healing process. And to go into your Session with an open mind and open heart. 

The Process will start with a life interview, this is where I get to understand more about you. This will help me know what questions are important so I know what ask during the session. This can take some time depending on how much information is needed, expect this part to take up to 2 hours hour

The session it self can take us into past lives, current lives, lives on different planets, we can go any where during the sessions. Every session is different its hard to say how the actual session will go.  No matter how it goes that is the way it is meant to go. During the session we will talk through the whole session, I will ask you questions about what is happening and you will simply just answer the questions. Very simple! very beautiful! Once we have completely explored the lives we are viewing, We will get a chances to call on your higher self, guides, oversoul many people call it many different things. This is where we will get to answers your questions that you have about this current life. If it is something that is allowed to be known then your higher self will give you the answers. This is also were we can get instant healing, some people have experienced healing on a grand scale! Anything is possible with this! 

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