4 OZ. Black Obsidian Meditation Candle

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This is a beautiful meditation candle is created from 100% Organic Soy Wax this is a 4 Oz Candle. This candle has black Obsidian for protection during your meditation. The Obsidian represent the Earth, the Sea Shell to represent Water, the Flame is the Fire, and the Air all around us keeps the fire going. Simply light your meditation candle and stare into the glittering swirls in the wax and watch the fire flicker and dance. Focus your mind on what information you wish to find. If you are seeking a mindful meditation simply clear your mind and focus on only the wax and the flames and hold only the thoughts of the wax and the flames and as you catch your mind drifting simply refocus your attention to the candle. Candle meditation is great for calming your mind, and teaching mindfulness. It will also help relieve stress physically and mentally. You may experience inner peace, and possibly some sort of altered consciousness.

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